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Whether it is for a formal party or a treat after dinner with your family, a cheeseboard is a great way to entertain your guests.

Hello my name is Jennifer Joyce, I am a food expert and I am going to talk you through how to create the perfect cheeseboard

For the past ten years I have been writing recipes and styling food for some of the world’s best food magazines. I am all about creating mouth-watering dishes.

Whether it is for a formal party or a treat after dinner with your family, a cheeseboard is a great way to entertain.

Typically you can use cheese from across the globe so I am going to show you how to put together a tasty international collection of cheeses. We will also look at an example of a Dutch specific cheeseboard.


There are only two things you need to remember to create the perfect cheeseboard:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Contrast the varieties and tastes

Choosing the cheese:

  1. Go for something hard, something soft, something blue and something new
  2. Use different types of milk –some cow’s cheese as well as goat’s cheese
  3. Work with 3-5 cheeses, more will overpower the palate
  4. It’s good to think about the presentation of your cheeseboard, choose different styles, textures, flavours and colours –
    • Hard cheese, ( e.g. any of the Masterpieces: Rembrandt, Vincent, Vermeer)
    • Soft cheese (e.g. soft brie or camembert)
    • Goat’s cheese (e.g. a matured Frans Hals or a mild Cablanca)
    • Semi hard cheese (e.g. mild Gouda or Edam)
    • Blue cheese (e.g Stilton, Roquefort, Shopshire blue, Danish blue, Gorgonzola)


  1. Let the cheese make the statement in all its glory! Choose something simple like a wooden board, slate or marble, a fig leaf or waxy paper also makes a nice addition
  2. Have a knife for each cheese and be sure to provide a sharp one for the hard cheeses
  3. Let people know what the cheeses are, so if you have time, make small markers with the names
  4. Do not forget the accoutrements, these enhance and compliment the cheese - see pairings section for ideas. Place the pairing next to the cheese it works best with and let your guests know why you have suggested the match
  5. Bring to room temperature one hour before serving to get the best flavours from the cheese.
  6. In terms of amount; work off 30g to 50g (1oz-2oz) of cheese per person for a party platter and 75-100g (2.5oz-3.5oz) for a dessert course.